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  • For cleaning the medical /dental and other surgical instruments.
  • Specialized basket : for delicate devices (High speed & low speed handpiece)
  • External drainage system : Easy change of rinse liquid
  • Wide Digital display : Makes it easy to operate
  • Low noise design : Easy operation
  • Rinse time : From 2 to 30 min
  • Capacity : 10L
  • Power : 400W, cuts off automatically in case of lack of water
  • Weight : 15kgs

Clinical Features

  • Clinically useful for removing particles from various dental instruments before sterilization process so that instrument is disinfected and free of all major harmful microorganisms leading

Product Applications

  • Use to remove particulate matter from various dental instruments and appliances before indulging them in the process of sterilization.




  • N-type semi automatic Autoclave
  • Front loading bioclave with a capacity of 12 ltr
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Ensures biosafety & Sterilization of non porous instruments
  • Door lock for safety
  • Stainless steel chamber and 2 stainless steel trays for surgical instruments
  • Silicone ring seals the chamber
  • Thermostat prevents over heating
  • Diameter of the chamber - 21.4 cm
  • Dimension - 40.7 cm width x 38.5 hight x 46.5 cm deep
  • Net weight - 23 Kg

Clinical Features

  • Advanced level of sterilization inside, ensure complete bacterial free instruments for surgical cases
  • N-type autoclaves are extremely useful clinically to sterilize the instruments for immediate use
  • Silicone gasket :seals the chamber to develop adequate pressure & ensures safety
  • Thermostat: prevents over heating of the chamber

Product Applications

  • Ideal for sterilization of equipments for immediate use
  • Wrapped/unwrapped instruments can be well sterilized
  • Porous, solid instruments & cotton swabs can also be sterilized



CIDEZYME® Enzymatic Detergent Solution is a mild enzyme-based pre-soak and cleaner designed to effectively remove organic soil from contaminated endoscopic instrument and other medical devices prior to disinfection

Recommended to clean medical instruments before using the ASP High-Level disinfection solutions it is:

  • Fast-acting – begins to act in just one minute allowing fast turnaround of instruments
  • User-friendly – its low foaming properties and neutral pH prevent it from leaving residues so that instruments can be effectively disinfected
  • Compatible – Can be used safely to clean a wide range of instruments, reducing the risk of damage and associated cost of repairs

CIDEZYME® Enzymatic Detergent Solution can be used to clean a wide range of devices made from metals, plastics and elastomers, making it a very versatile cleaner that can be used anywhere medical instruments need to be thoroughly cleaned



Applicable to various medical institutions, such as using for sterilized packaging of medical surgical scissors, tweezers and other equipment, and medical equipment manufacturers, such as using for disposable sterilized packaging of medical catheters, syringes, sterile dressings

For: hospitals, outpatient sterilization packaging; beauty products sterilization packaging prior to use; laboratory supplies sterilization packaging; household high temperature sterilization packaging.

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