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Dental Tourism in India means traveling abroad for best dental surgery or dental treatments, which are very expensive in one’s own country. Dental tourism in India is becoming day by day very popular as people are looking best and affordable options outside their countries. We at Sanjeevani Dental Care ensure in providing only the best dental care treatments. We have a specialized team of doctors who have the expert skill and the necessary experience in handling any sort of dental case. People having any kind of dental problem can expect the most professional, effective and affordable dental treatments at our Dental Centre. The top services provided by our specialist team of doctors are mentioned below:

Orthodontic Treatment – Under this treatment the patients can get their protruding teeth or out of shape jaw corrected with either fixed or removable appliances. People these days prefer to put their best foot forward and wish to look perfect. This treatment is probably the best way to have properly aligned set of teeth and smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry – With the increasing popularity of social media websites people these days have become extremely conscious about the way they look. Some of the most preferred treatments that we offer under this are listed below :

  • Cosmetic Fillings- These fillings are same as the natural colour of the patient teeth and this filling will help in overlapping any kind of gap between the teeth. The filling is free from mercury.
  • Dental Crowns- This is a kind of dental replacement or restoration procedure. This treatment is mostly required when there is large cavity issue of the tooth. This will prevent the tooth from further decaying or damage.
  • Enameloplasty- This treatment is to improve the appearance of the tooth. It is even used to correct a certain section of the tooth which is chipped.
  • Smile Designing – This is one of the most popular treatments at our Orion Orthodontic and Dental Care Centre. This treatment is even known as the smile makeover treatment. This treatment complies of 5 different processes which are :
    1. Bleaching the Discoloured Teeth
    2. Porcelain Veneers
    3. All Ceramic Crowns
    4. Orthodontic Treatments
    5. Gum Contouring

Painless Tooth Removal – Under this treatment the patient will not feel any pain during the tooth extraction procedure.

Periodontic Treatment – Peridontitis is a kind of infection in the ligaments and bones that are the support system of the teeth. People who have diabetes are the ones that mostly have issues associated with the gums. Under this treatment gingivitis and other such similar issues can be treated.

Teeth Whitening – Bleaching the teeth for the perfect smile.

Pediatric Dentistry –We have the best and the most caring team of pediatric dentists for children.

Time Estimates For Some Basic Dental Treatments Are

For Implants – 2 visits generally required. The 1st visit entails up to 3 – 6 days and 2nd visit is scheduled after a span of 3-4 months(depending on which area are the implants placed). For the 2nd visit about a week’s duration is required.

For Teeth Whitening – you can get our ZOOM! Whitening treatment which requires only 1-2 hours for whitening in our clinic itself. We can alternatively prepare customised bleaching trays with bleaching gel which needs to be worn overnight for 7-9 nights for optimal results.

For Crown and Bridge Work – minimum stay of 1 week in India is essential. For veneers (ceramic / composite) work – 7 days minimum stay is required. For Bridges / Bridge Work – 3 visits of 30 minutes to 45 minutes each would do.

For Root Canal Treatment – 2 visits of 30 minutes each or a single sitting root canal treatment of an hour can also be done depending on the severity of the infection.

For Composite Filling- 10-15 minutes on the spot treatment on an out patient basis.

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